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Very good packaging

I wanted to let you know my whisky order arrived in good condition. Very good packaging.


live in Canada

The bottle arrived in 3 days

The bottle arrived in 3 days from the order day! And it's shipping from Japan. I was surprised, but it is a perfect job.
There are lots of liquor that can not be obtained even if we pay money in NY. Kabuki is a treasure trove of valuable whisky!!

Joy Cheng

Direct Sales Marketer

Kabuki's product image is perfect!

It is safe because you know the detailed situation of the item. I can understand the state of the wound and the state of the box in detail. Anyway, the picture is the best. I want to know the details why rare whiskey.
Also, because it is a Japanese-style whiskey, it's deliciously different from export items.

M Jonson

Web content director