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【Inspected】Blanton's Black Single Barrel Bourbon Dumped in 2021 75cl / US 80 Proof 【With Box】


Black label 40% sold only in Japan

I accept and check
If I don't choose a leak prevention film, I understand the risk of leaks in transit.
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We would recommend viewing / close inspection with image prior to placing an order. For all the information on the product, the content of the image takes precedence over the text information.。 In addition, we can not give images related sediment and sediment. Otherwise bottle will be be sold as seen in the images. Please note: Due to the various ages of bottles or label and their seals, condition of liquid is at the buyer's discretion and no claim can be lodged against failure / leakage /Cork deterioration in transit.

  • Import Restrictions by Country


About product information:
Image info has priority over text info in the product description. Please be sure to check the product image before purchasing.
NOTE:About leaks:
Blanton's is a cork stopper and may leak during shipping. Please purchase after understanding this risk. No refunds or discounts will be given for liquid leaks during transportation.
Packing Weight(Kg):
Sazerac Company
Bottle Size:
75cl / 750ml
Alcohol Abv:
80° Proof (40%)
Overseas Distillery:
Buffalo Trace Distillery-US
Country :
United State
Kentucky [US]
Bourbon Whisky
Product Status:
Brand New
Box With or Without :
With BOX
Importer for Japan:
Japanese regular import agency
Blanton’ s no fūrō kyappu no hibi-ware wa mēkā shukka-go, kion, shitsudo, fūrō no jōtai nado ni yotte shizen ni hassei shimasu. Yotte, tesagyō de fūrō sa reta kyappu no hibi-ware wa fu ryōhin ni gaitō shinai to kangaemasu. Kono pēji no shōhin wa shukka j

The date, bottle number, etc. shown in the image of the 2021 edition are samples.

The products on this page are inspected products that have been confirmed to have
no cracks in the wax seal at the time of shipment. Therefore, it is more expensive
than uninspected products.

Click here to purchase uninspected cracks.

Shipping by boat to the United States takes approximately 60-90 days.
Cracks that occur during that time will not be refunded, discounted or exchanged.

Blanton's is a cork stopper. We will ship the goods in normal condition, but we will not
be liable for liquid leakage during transportation.

If you are worried about liquid leakage,please use the service of wrapping a film
around the cap for a fee.

Even if there is no scratch on the outside of the box, there may be small damage or scratches on
the inside of the box where the bottle cap is sandwiched due to shaking during transportation.
Summer (Jul-Sep) shipping by Boat: Please understand that the temperature inside the container
will rise and there is a risk of liquid leakage before ordering.
These scratches and leakage are not subject to discounts or returns.

Please note and thank you for your understand.


When in the caese you buy Old bottles, please confirm condition note as following.

Please see images for water level and labels,box condition.

Box : If you can see box at product page as image: these items have box.

However If you can not see box at product page,these items are without box.


The absence of a condition statement does not imply that this bottle is in perfect

condition or free from wear and tear,imperfections or the effects of ageing.

Also at the moment this bottle does not appear to be leaking.

While we take every care to pack bottles securely but we cannot guarantee

that old corks and closures will not leak in transit.


Cork caps on old bottles are aged and may break when opened.

If the cork breaks when opened, you can not return it

Please accept the risk when purchasing the old bottle yourself. Please fully understand the above matters before ordering.

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