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Our company is a liquor store which started in Okayama prefecture Japan with family business in 1900. From 2010, we focus on Japanese whisky and mainly handling Suntory Yamazaki , Nikka Yoichi, Karuizawa, Ichiro's malt etc. which are hard to obtain.
Mission of Kabukiwhisky.com is that deliver to worldwide with good condition's whisky that our buyer selected from all over Japan. Please buy from us and enjoy and drink our best choice of Japanese single malt, single cask, whisky that is spiritual and deep taste.
Japanese whisky will be Its signature multi-layered taste is highly praised by whisky connoisseurs forever.


  • RM-12-1-36378_o01RM-12-1-36378_o01
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    Suntory 100th Anniversary Of Foundation


    感謝百年 佐治敬三 佐治敬三(Saji Keizo) is name Of Suntory President 100 years of gratitude 70 cl / 43%

  • On sale!The Cask Of Yamazaki Sherry 1984 #WM FrontThe Cask Of Yamazaki Sherry 1984 #WM Back
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    The Cask Of Yamazaki Sherry 1984 #WM 0012

    NT$127,882 NT$116,998

    bot.2002 70 cl / 63%

  • Yamazaki Sherry Wood 1983 FrontYamazaki Sherry Wood 1983 Back
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    Yamazaki Sherry Wood 1983 70 cl / 18 cl


    Two size set sale bot.1998 Pure Malt  Without Box 70 cl / 45% 18 cl / 45%

  • Single Cask Sherry 1999 Cask #DU65301 Bot&BoxSingle Cask Sherry 1999 Cask #DU65301 Front
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    Yamazaki Single Cask Sherry 1999 #DU65301


    bot.2011 CASUMI'S CASK 50TH ANNIVERSARY 知命 70 cl / 57%

  • The Yamazaki Sherry Wood 1983The Yamazaki Sherry Wood 1984 Front
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    Yamazaki Sherry Wood 1983


    bot.1999 Pure Malt  70 cl / 45%



  • Yamazaki Limited Edition 2017 Bot&Box
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    Yamazaki Limited Edition 2017


    2018 Limited edition will not be sold this year. Therefore, the limited edition will be the last in the 2017…

  • Hibiki 17 Years frontHibiki 17 Years back
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    Hibiki 17 Year (Without Box)


    Without Box 70 cl / 43 % HIBIKI 17Years Old Bottles→

  • l2-hi21-box_box_o01Hibiki 21 Years front
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    Hibiki 21 Year


    With Box 70 cl / 43 % HIBIKI 17Years Old Bottles→


  • On sale!Hakushu Heavily Peated 2010 FrontHakushu Heavily Peated 2010 Back
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    Hakushu Heavily Peated 2010

    NT$11,101 NT$13,550

    Single Malt Non-Chill Filtered 70 cl / 48%

  • On sale!Ichiro’s Malt MWR box botIchiro’s Malt MWR front
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    Ichiro’s Malt MWR (Mizunara Wood Reserve)

    NT$4,353 NT$3,265

    Mizunara Wood Reserve Non chill-filtered Non coloured 70 cl / 46%

  • On sale!Ichiro’s Malt WWR box botIchiro’s Malt WWR front
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    Ichiro’s Malt WWR (Wine Wood Reserve)

    NT$4,081 NT$3,292

    Wine Wood Reserve Non chill-filtered Non coloured 70 cl / 46%

  • On sale!Karuizawa 8 Year Malt Whisky FrontKaruizawa 8 Year Malt Whisky Back
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    Karuizawa 8 Year Malt Whisky

    NT$10,884 NT$10,339

    100% Malt NOTE:There is a stain on the label 70 cl / 40%

  • On sale!Hakushu Distillery Treasured Malt Bot&BoxHakushu Distillery Treasured Malt Front
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    Suntory Hakushu Distillery Treasured Malt

    NT$24,488 NT$22,039

    Single Malt Sherry 70 cl / 43%