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Shipping to China mainland.

by Shinji Onodera

As of today, all EMS shipments from Japan to China have been suspended. The schedule for resumption is undecided.


Customer Service

Japanese Kitchen Knife online Store.

by Shinji Onodera

KABUKI OPEN Japanese Kitchen Knife online Store.

Go to Knife store→

Discount for 15% for kabukiwhisky's customer.

code : kwc_15%off

Our kitchen knives sell only high-end products.

Please visit us if you are interested.

In addition, whisky and kitchen knives cannot be shipped together

because the warehouses are different. Please note.

Spring Discount 8% OFF until 31th Mar.

by Shinji Onodera

Thank you for shopping with Kabuki whiskey.

8% discount for spring.

Today, Japan is a holiday on Equinox Day, and spring starts from today.

Details are as follows.

Code: spring_8%off

Period: 31th Mar .2020

8% discount from total purchase price

Can be use one time per person

It also applies to discount products.

Shipping to the United States is free with purchases of $ 450 or more.

The world is going through a tough time with new viruses,

We hope a safe and happy world will come soon.

Kabuki customer service Team

Delivery delay to USA

by Shinji Onodera

Usually, shipping to the US arrives in 60 days, but it appears that delivery has been delayed in some areas.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please wait for a while until the goods arrive.

Also, it seems that US customs clearance has become very severe due to the virus, and all packages seem to be delayed for 10 to 14 days.

Once parcel arrive US, you can confirm tracking history at USPS.

Before parcel arrived US, status is Pre Shipment or In-Transit.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Shipping Team

About Free Shipping to the United States

by Shinji Onodera

Notice of suspension of AIR FREIGHT to the United States

Since it is difficult to deliver to the United States by Air Freight,

we can only ship by Boat to USA.


Until the flight resumes,

Free shipping to US by Boat applied if the item payment is over $ 450.

Please wait for a while to resume.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.