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Shipping to CANADA

by Shinji Onodera

Please see below if an individual imports alcohol into Canada.

Although the liquor control committee of a state has exclusive control and approval of all liquor imports into the state, in fact many states allow private (commercial and private) imports.

・ The common requirements for private imports are as follows.

(1) The amount of imports per batch is 45 liters or less for beer, wine or distilled liquor.

(2) It can be imported only to the state in which it resides, and it must be the legal drinking age in the state in which it resides.

(3) Goods can be shipped in advance, but permission must be obtained from the state liquor committee before customs procedures. -When importing alcoholic beverages, in addition to federal customs duties and consumption taxes, sales management fees (charges) called markups are levied in each state. This amount is considerably higher than customs duty and consumption tax.

We will ship with lower invoice or your request price. 


*Importers should obtain permission from the State Liquor Commission prior to customs procedures.

We can ship alcohol to Canada, but each state has different customs 
clearance condition.
Please check for yourself if there are any problems with the import at your provinces.

The provinces of Canada that can be shipped are as follows.
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia



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