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Proxy purchase of swords and whsiky

by Shinji Onodera

Our sister store, KABUKI KNIVES,

has launched the Sword proxy purchase and shipping agency service.

This is a guide to the proxy purchase of swords and the shipping agency service of swords

that we propose to you who cannot purchase swords with Buyee and Yahoo! auction.

This service is mainly for Japanese swords,

but we can also accept proxy purchases of whisky, etc.

Click here for details

About Shipping to the United States

by Shinji Onodera
At the moment EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx do not accecept to ship whisky to the United States by Air.
Therefore, whisky can only be shipped to the United States by sea.

About Free shipping by boat
As of May 14, if the total price of the item exceeds $ 450,
the shipping fee to theUnited States by boat was free, but from on June 1st 2021,
we will stop the free shipping even if it exceeds $ 450.
From June 1st, shipping cost will incur a 50% discount on EMS regular shipping charges(by boat). 
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.